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    Hi All,

    This subject has been discussed before but rather than resurrect that thread, I thought I'd start a new one for anyone that is interested.

    I've been playing with the n61 18x20 for a couple years now. I demoed quite a few racquets and settled on the 18x20. In the mean time, I liked the Fischer mSpeed 98 enough to buy it - and and although I like it a lot, over time I realized the flexibility was something I didn't desire. The 18x20 comes out on game day. It's been my favorite stick to date. I chose it over the 16x18 because I just play more consistent with it. For me, the tighter string bed fits this frame better, providing a more consistent, predictable response. And with a thinner gauge string, I've always found plenty of spin - not as much as the 16x18, but easier to predict and in the end, better for my game.

    I've demoed the tour once in the past - for a short duration, and with crummy strings. I never took it seriously because of the TW review, posts, and the fact that I thought it was beyond my capabilities (lower-end 4.0 all-courter). Well, I finally purchased one and got it to spec, which is natural gut 17@ 55, Sampras-style O-dampener, and a Wilson Pro overgrip. I've played a few singles and doubles matches with it now and am finally in a position to comment on it's performance. The conclusion: the tour is now my stick of choice - demo of the new K-series not withstanding. :)

    I'm sure everyone has a particular twist on what they find demanding - perhaps a big swingweight, too much power, not enough power, flex, etc. Since the 18x20 is already a fair beast of a racquet, the only thing that (on paper) seemed more demanding about the tour is the additional weight and the head size.

    Weight and Swing
    My 18x20 weighs in at 12.6, my tour, 12.8. Without question, the tour is easier to swing. Maybe the head size? Balance? I get more head speed with this stick. And the swing feels more natural. I'm not seasoned enough to know why this is, but on the swing finish, the 18x20 'pulls' at my arm - almost as if it's head-heavy (but is not) - but the tour does not - or at least it 'pulls' less. The swing seems more seamless and predictable and easier to deal with throughout a match.

    String and Power
    Both sticks are strung with vs natural gut 17. 18X20 is at 57, tour is at 55. Power is similar. The tour is perhaps 10% less - but I never felt it to be low power. The power on the tour is of greater variance however. An analogy to music - softer softs, louder louds. My Fischer 98 in contrast, has softer softs, and softer louds. I think the flexibility of the Fischer has upper limit to the winners I can hit - where neither nCode does. I like this about the Wilsons - especially the tour. Volleys can be handled with great softness and placement. Full swings at the baseline can be quite penetrating. I think from the baseline, my power is similar between the two sticks - though I can control it better with the tour (more spin). And at net, I have more options with the tour.

    Playing and Shots
    There is more dwell time on the tour and it is not as stiff. It's definitely a more satisfying sensation hitting with the tour. Outside of the flat first serve, every single shot in my game is better. And contrary to what the mid-antagonists would have you believe, easier to hit! I was truly amazed. I thought I would struggle with the 90". I demoed an OLD Pro Kennex Copper Ace a few years ago - not sure of the size, but it was 90 or less. It was tough for me to play with. So either I've gotten a lot better, or the 90" is just not nearly as demanding. Probably a little of both - but the result is that it's not just doable, but preferable.

    I like the tour more than the 18x20. There is more access to topspin, slice, and touch - and without any cost - save for perhaps a little juice on my 1st flat serve. Weight and swingweight might be an issue for some users, but if you are already swinging an 18x20, it'd be worth your while to try the tour.
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    I found the same things as you while trying the six-one 95's along side my tours, i could hit every shot better but the flat serve. Stick with the tour and your flat serve will come. I had the power with the 95 but am happy the settle for a drop of a few mph for a big gain in placement and kick serves. All 3 rackets are great but i found the tour to offer a better blend of power, spin and control. The 95's are just too powerful for my game. Most people think the tour will be too demanding which really isnt true, its a great frame if you have a long swing.



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