Nadal and Coria bring the best out of one another

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The 2005 Rome final was obviously talked about frequently but the Monte Carlo final and this from Beijing aren't bad too.

Their matches aren't exactly grind fests either, as both are such good defenders that the other has to find ways to outhit or out-maneuver him. Coria, although undersized had a huge array of offensive weapons from volleys to dropshots, and was only limited by his small-man weaknesses of a weak serve and lack of consistent power. His defense was on par with Nadal's as he moved just as fast and probably more smoothly and had very smart placement in defensive positions. Coria's tennis intelligence was underrated as people tend to remember his second serves and weak mentality, but lack of clutchness and performance anxiety had little to do with his shot selection as a whole.

Coria will forever remain the only true clay courter whom I think made clay tennis beautiful.


There are a lot of things in tennis past that I get nostalgic over. The clam digger/capri pants/pirate bottoms aren't one of them.