Nadal and Djokovic together achieved Career Berrettini Open Slam in less than 3 years - The Goat Accomplishment


It all started from USO 2019, when Nadal beat our kind Matteo in the SF.
Then Novak beat him at RG21 and Wimbledon21 to win the title.
After that Rafa completed the unfinished job and defeated Matteo at AO2022.
Thus, so far we have got :
AO 22 : Fourth Berrettini Open
RG 21 : Second Berrettini Open
WC 21 : Third Berrettini Open
UO 19 : First Berrettini Open

On the other hand, while beating the kind humble Matteo brings a huge amount of luck for you, beating his Greek peer - aka The Greek Philosopher - in the SF ruins your chances.
Stefanos lost 4 times in the Slam SFs.
AO 2019 - Stef lost to Nadal who lost to Novak.
RG 2020 - Stef lost to Novak who lost to Nadal.
AO 2021 - Stef lost to Daniil who lost to Novak.
AO 2022 - Stef lost to Daniil who lost to Nadal.

It seems that our Greek player curse you if you beat him in the SF of a slam or maybe he put a spell on the winner.
The first 3 guys that beat Stef got a beatdown in the Finals. Unfortunately the third guy - aka The Mad Lad - AGAIN attempted and did beat Stef in the recent semifinals and this time the Greek curse/spell worked in a way that put our smart high IQ Russian fellow on the verge of retiring!

To sum up, as our friend @Backspin1183 said here :
Beating him(Stef) in a Slam SF is a bad omen. Beat Berrettini instead. You're guaranteed a Slam win.

One last piece of advice from your humble servant :
Be Berrettini in your life, create happiness for others, rather than being Tsitsipas, giving people heartattack(s);)