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    After a few years of me really not caring much for Nadal I realize the heart, class, and skill this guy has. He played great today, his first serve was very consistent, and he played the big points fantastic. I feel a little bad for Fed but he did look a little stale in the last two matches, shanking and netting alot of balls. Hopefully he is not so upset that he does'nt focus on the grass and hard season. Also Agassi looks really good in all of this. Another year of being the only recent player and 1 of five to do what Roger is trying to do. I understand that Roger has to go through Nadal and might have 3 french opens if it weren't for him, but in the end that didnt happen, and Andre does have it.

    Anyways, Im hoping Nadal can really step it up and compete very strong from here on out. Hell, let Federer play him on other surfaces. I do think Federer will win the French, but he just might have to do it without beating Nadal, better than not having the title. Also hoping Roddick,Blake and Hewitt have a good year from here on as well. Oh and Safin too.

    Ive been watching Sampras on youtube latley and realize his A game is one of the greatest if not the greatest game Ive ever seen. People forget quickly but it is there to watch. Check it Out!!!

    Man that clay season felt long

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