Nadal - Back to #2 in the world?


Hey guys,

As you know, Nadal beat Monfils today. After the match Cahill, while interviewing Rafa on the court, told him that he is back to #2 in the world due to Murray's 4th round loss.

However, I did the math and Nadal (assuming he loses next round) is still 5 points short of Murray's point total.

Maybe I did the math wrong...

Does anyone know if this is definitive?

Also, great news for Nadal fans hoping that Nadal can snatch the #2 spot back;

Nadal only has 700 points to defend after the USO and Murray has 2350 (1 Master's title, 1 250 title, 1 Master's Quarterfinal, and a Master's Cup semifinal).

It looks like there is a sizeable cushion between Nadal and Murray, especially considering Nadal did not even participate in the Master's Cup at all last year + Nadal is participating in 2 tournaments in Asia, apparently, before Shanghai.

Anyways, if it's true that Nadal is the #2 in the world, again, then this is great and good step towards taking the #1 spot back (which is still possible)!!!


That sounds about right, Murray doesn't seem to be a top 3 player in the world.
Didn't Murray win a Masters series a few weeks ago? It's amazing how you are only as good as your last loss on this board.

Having said that, Nadal deserves to be back to #2. He's battled during his comeback, and looks like he's hitting form at just the right time.
That sounds about right, Murray doesn't seem to be a top 3 player in the world.
Murray is a top 3 player in the world outside of Grand Slam events. Murray was built to play and win best of three set matches...Slams are a whole different game, everyone brings their best, and Murray has yet to find a recipe that has worked for his game over a two week stretch.

I think he'll make the adjustment and win a slam someday, but the idea that it's a foregone conclusion and will happen immediately is becoming more and more far fetched.


Murray: 9610-1400+180=8390 on 9/14
Nadal: 9025-900+360*=8485 on 9/14

*if Nadal loses in the QF to Gonzo.


Thanks psp2,

I somehow gave Murray an added 100 points somehow!

So That would make Nadal 95 points ahead of Murray!

I guess it is official; after next Monday Nadal will be the #2 in the world!

Federer is #1 no matter what, right? Even if he loses in the quarters and Nadal wins the whole shebang?


I'm glad Rafa is back to number 2. I wouldn't say he's my favourite player but I have loads of respect for him and everything he's accomplished. It didn't seem right having Murray at number 2 and Nadal at 3 but IMO, the correct order has been established in the top 4 (unless Djokovic suddenly finds form again).


Congratulations to Rafael Nadal. Normal order is restored imo. Nothing against Murray, but it feels very familiar with Roger #1 and Rafa #2 :)