Nadal can equal Federer's slam total this year

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Exactly why ned or fed will never be goat... ned got crushed by his main rival at A0 2019 in straight sets humilation and fed got crushed by ned in RG 2008 although he was ill. Either way is Ned even an ATG if he cant even beat his main rival in a slam and multiple masters events whereas his main rival is crushing him 7-0 7-0 everywhere on hard, clay, grass, indoors :-D:-D:-D:-D

Djkokvic for GOAT and you know it.... Ned GOAT lol :-D:-D:-D not even a tier 1 ATG if he cant beat his main rival
Yeah, that 28-0 record between Djokovic and Nadal speaks volumes about how Nadal can't beat his main rival.


Yeah, that 28-0 record between Djokovic and Nadal speaks volumes about how Nadal can't beat his main rival.
virtually all of novaks losses to nadal can be attributed to novak being injured, not in form, tired, or the roof not on when it should have been on and vice versa. Novak probably missed 25 slams due to injuries


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Initially I doubted whether the OP would lead to a quality thread, but I've been proved wrong big time. Apologies to all

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I can only imagine two possible conclusions to this season:

Nadal now tied with Federer



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Rafa is in great shape. I think he’ll go deep again at Wimbledon and us open. I still think a Rafa playing well with confidence, only Djokovic can stop him. As proven at Wimbledon and Aussie open. However, if Novak drops a bit then Rafa will be the one I think to take advantage for sure.
Yes, it’s been a Nadal year so far with him making the first 2 slam finals and winning a master. But Djoko is not far behind ;)


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It would be the 4th RafaNole season after 2008, 2013 and 2018 (= most tier 1 won with 2nd player within 2 titles of the first).
The rivalry would tie the # of FedNad seasons: 2005, 2007, 2009 and - amazingly- 2017.
There's only been 1 DkokoMur: 2016 and 1 DjokoFed: 2012 (0 NadMur or FedMur)