Nadal is clearly awesome despite these ridiculous claims


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win or lose today..he has made the finals in 3 of the 4 slams this year.. after so many writing him off completely. They discount and discredit his awe inspiring wins on clay... they claim his win today will be illegitimate even before it has been secured. shameful.


Nadal is King of all surfaces

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-Nadal has been able to play good/great tennis on every surface AT SOME POINT of his career
-Nadal has never been KING of any other surface than clay
-Nadal actually hasn't been very good on any other surface than clay for almost 4 years

There, fixed it for you


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Of course he is. 3rd USO, 16 slams, 4th YE #1, 10th RG and a few good years left to add to this

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