Nadal is Djokovic and Federer's greatest rival


That he was 2nd in the decade dominated by Federer and also 2nd in the decade dominated by Djokovic.

Therefore, he was their greatest rival.
Nadal was the first in the decade dominated by Nadal (2006-2015). Nadal won 13 Slams in 2006-2015, more than any other male tennis player in that decade.

P. S.: a decade is any period of ten years.
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It’s 6-1 and not 8-1 like you wish it was. 1 win in 2015, 4 in 17 and 1 in 19.

Let’s count together, it’s really simple:

1 (one, uno) + 4 (four, cuatro) + 1 (one, uno) = ?
and if you count all the matches where Nadal didn't show up while Rogerio was waiting?


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It tells us that Rafa is the eternal BETA, he was happy being second to the alpha Federer in the 00s and then second to the Omega Djokovic 2010s.

Federer is the Alpha (pro establishment)
Djokovic is the Omega (anti establishment and a challenger equally powerful to the Alpha)
Nadal is the Beta (just 200 weeks at 1 as a caretaker in a transitional phase, 1 laureus award, 0 WTF, 65% slams on a turf which has just 25% slams in an year = 1 trick pony)


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But Djokovic costs Federer more than Nadal costs him. Think of all those Wimbledon crowns, and all those match points!

And Djokovic costs Nadal more than Federer. Think of the 7 straight finals losses!
This definitely makes Djokovic the champion of champions!


Nadal is the greatest rival of BOTH of his contemporaries.


I ask you,

What does this tell us?

it tells us that he is the best top 10 player, with the consecutive 800+ weeks in top 10
an achievement that probably won't be beaten by the likes of A Zverev, Berrettini, Tsitsipas, Agut, Goffin
but unfortunately not the best #1, which is the goal in any sport

so, ladies and gentlemen, let's award the best top 10 player award right where it belongs, to the ombeelibable Rafa!


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But Djokovic costs Federer more than Nadal costs him. Think of all those Wimbledon crowns, and all those match points!

And Djokovic costs Nadal more than Federer. Think of the 7 straight finals losses!
Devastating soul shattering


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A confession

Every time I watch a match with Fedr in it I barrack for the other guy. No matter who he is. Fedr is just a biatch. On the other side every time Nadl plays I want him to win as long as Djok is still in the game. If he isn't then Nadl must go down. If he is, I want Nadl to be in the final with Djok. Why? It's simple. If Djok wins it means he won legit. If he loses, well he lost to Nadl, so it is OK either way. But the orgasm comes at 40-15 on a MP if he plays Fedr in a final. Or when he plays Nadl like Dubai 16 in the final.

Otherwise GO STAN!


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Nadal has a winning record over Federer at the AO.
Nadal has a winning record over Djokovic at the USO.
They are the 2 best hardcourt players ever (in terms of hardcourt slams), and Nadal has a winning record over both, despite being known more for clay!


Nadal hasn't been as long at #1, but has been longer than both at #2, so when he wasn't leading the rankings, he had mostly just one guy ahead of him, first Federer and then Djokovic. Their peaks did not overlap. Nadal's peak overlapped with both of them.
If we take a period of, say, 4 years for peak duration, Federer's peak would be 2004-2009, Djokovic's 2011-2015. Nadal peaked earlier on grass than on hard, but you could say he peaked between 2007/8 and 2011/12. His best year slam-wise was 2010, which if you take those years for peak Fed and Novak, is the one year he had which was both, his very peak, and the best on none other direct rival. Also won the clay slam that year; only time he did. He was injured in 2009 and had to retire in the 2010 AO, but maybe could have had a shot at the cygs.

Obviously, @Nole Slam writes about calendar decades, ie the 2000s (2000-2009) and 2010s (2010-2019) decades.
Then it should be 2001-2010 and 2011-2020; there was no year 0.


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Djokovic is Federer's greatest rival, obviously! Because he defeated Federer 3 times, in very dramatic fashion, on the world's grandest, and Federer's favorite, stage, Wimbledon!

Djokovic is also Nadal's greatest rival, because he inflicted much more damage on Nadal than anyone else!


Djokovic's met Federer more times than Nadal at the AO, Wimbledon, and the USO.

Since meeting in 4 consecutive slam finals (2011 Wimbledon to 2012 RG), Nole's met Rafa once at the AO (2019), once at Wimbledon (2018), and once at the USO (2013).