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It was a mistake to play in Mexico as I thought, in addition to the way he lost and especially against whoever did it.
How was it a mistake?? Simply because he lost??? He lost not because of his hand, or a lack of practice. Kyrgios played possum the whole first set and then rattled Rafa in the 2nd. It came down to a tie-break which is as close as it can get. He missed 4 match points!!! Rafa's the only one to blame for those missed opps. On to better things @ Indian Wells hopefully. VAMOS.
Rafa has lost a lot of matches that were decided on just one point, most recently, the Wimbledon 2018 SF against DJokovic and the match against Kyrgios in Acapulco. I think it’s down to nerves. He needs to calm himself down at crucial,points.
There is also opposite: winning W 08 and AO 09 also depended on one point. The Feds break points at W in the fifth and at AO in the third were defacto match points.
Rafa has lost a lot of matches that were decided on just one point, most recently, the Wimbledon 2018 SF against DJokovic and the match against Kyrgios in Acapulco. I think it’s down to nerves. He needs to calm himself down at crucial,points.
Rafael wins far more deciding sets than he loses, and even vs Djokovic its close - Djokovic leads 2-1 in 5-setters :)
There is also opposite: winning W 08 and AO 09 also depended on one point. The Feds break points at W in the fifth and at AO in the third were defacto match points.
How does your comment negate what I said? The fact remains that Rafa has lost many close matches decided on one point. I'm only interested in Rafa winning, I don't really care about anyone losing close matches against him.
Rafa & Sponsor - Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell released a commercial in which Rafa talks with James Rhodes, a British concert pianist and writer, about big cities and what it means living in them. After spending so much time traveling, Rafa prefers to live in a small city.
At the very end, Rhodes asks Rafa what's his job and Rafa answers in all seriousness: "I'm a tennis player." James then tells him that he was joking. Rafa smiles and winks at him. :) [Translated by GSS]

British concert pianist James Rhodes is looking for a home in Spain and Rafa is advising [Translated from Spanish by Microsoft] :) :

“Rafa and Friends” in the Eisenhower Cup, an exhibition event

Scheduled for March 5, 2019

The Indian Wells Masters website (excerpts): ¤¤ “Rafa and Friends” in Tennis Paradise!
Rafael Nadal will headline “Rafa and Friends” in the first ever Eisenhower Cup presented by Masimo, a Tie Break Tens event. This exciting one night only competition, which features top ATP Tour athletes, will be held in Stadium 2 on Tuesday, March 5th at 7:00pm. Tickets are $25, with all proceeds going to benefit four local charities.

Confirmed Players: Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Milos Raonic, Gael Monfils, Marin Cilic, Stan Wawrinka, Taylor Fritz, David Goffin.

The fast-paced, knock-out Tie Break Tens format consists of first to ten-point tie break matches.¤¤

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Rafa Nadal Foundation

The Rafa Nadal Foundation was awarded the Solidarity Award by the Spanish Association of Publishers of Periodical Publications (AEEPP). The Foundation was recognized for supporting children and young people from difficult social backgrounds.

Rafa's mother, the president of the Foundation, received the award at the 13th edition of the AEEPP Awards ceremony, which was held in Madrid on the 5th of March.

Euro Weekly News: ¤¤ The AEEPP Awards are considered to be among the most prestigious press awards in Spain. The AEEPP comprises around 100 publishing firms which together produce more than 900 titles covering both online and printed media, with an estimated annual readership of almost 130 million.¤¤

Indian Wells Masters 1000

March 6, 2019
Media Day


Quotes from the ATP website:
¤¤ “There are too many issues that have happened to my body over the past year-and-a-half, but I’ve managed it well to still be competitive and still be fighting for the most important events,” said Nadal.
“This is an important part of the season for me…[so] that’s important for my mental health, too, to feel that I’m competitive when I’m ready to play.” ¤¤

Vamos Rafa!
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Indian Wells Masters 1000

March 7, 2019
The 4th day of practice

Rafa is practicing with Diego Schwartzman. They started 10 minutes ago.

In Indian Wells, Rafa is accompanied by two of his three coaches: Francisco Roig and Tomeu Salva (in the bottom left corner of the picture; he is Rafa's coach since the beginning of this season & his friend since childhood):
Francisco & Rafa & Tomeu:



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Mery talking about the Rafa Foundation.

Translated for VamosBrigade by nou.amie

Maria Francisca Perelló: "We're a team"

El País Madrid, 7 March 2019

Rafa Nadal has 800 children in his life. They make up his other family: the one he cares for through the foundation that bears his name and with which he has established a link that keeps him continually informed about how these children are. He has put the direction of what for him is as valuable as, or more valuable than, a Grand Slam victory in the hands of his mother, Ana Maria Parera, and his fiancée, Maria Francisca Perello.

It all began when he went to Chennai (India) to play in a tournament in 2005. "Driving back and forth between the hotel and the tennis courts, I noticed the big differences with our own daily life. When I got back home, I commented on it with my mother and we thought we could do something to help. I've always been called on to take part in charity events, but we wanted to do something more. We thought about it for some time and decided to set up a foundation and work on a project we could commit ourselves to and thus decide where the aid would go," Nadal told EL PAÍS when talking about his foundation in 2013. He said he felt in a certain way obliged to do it. "I'm privileged, I have to give back part of what I've received." Now it is his fiancée Maria Francisca, who has broken her habitual discretion to speak about her work as a director of the organisation. She did so on Onda Cero, in an interview with Julia Otero.

"When the foundation was set up, it was clear that sport was going to be a fundamental aspect, not in the top level competition sense but rather in its more educational aspect and the transmission of positive values. We believe that sport has a very strong power to transform, as has been demonstrated, but education has this too and combining these two aspects creates very important tools to offer young people," said Nadal's fiancée. "We work in three areas: social integration, attention to young people with intellectual disabilities and helping those with talent. There comes a point when youngsters who are very good at a sport have to choose between concentrating on this or taking a university degree. We give them the possibility of going to the United States, where their culture allows the combination of both aspects so they don't have to give up one of them," explained Perello.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation attends to 800 children a year (200 of them in projects in Palma). Mallorca is the centre of all their areas of solidarity: as the tennis player himself showed when there were floods there. "It was a tragedy for Mallorcans. Rafa went to help, but so did many people and if anything good came of this tragic day it was the solidarity the situation produced," commented Maria Francisca.

Asked about the discretion that prevails in her life and in Nadal's (why they didn't blow their own trumpet louder about the good they did through the foundation), she replied: "We've opted for discretion because we prefer to work and have results before explaining what we're doing. We've accumulated much experience over these years, we've obtained many results and we believe it's time to take advantage of that image to make the projects we carry out known (to the public)."

Nadal cannot take part in the day to day running of the foundation but he always collaborates when he has occasion. "Whenever he can, he takes part in the decision making and in being with the children, especially here in Palma. We're a team, we don't work individually, but because of the fact that it's a person close to you, the affection and interest that we employ is different." (She also said proudly that it's 4 women that run the foundation.)