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U.S. Open, in New York

August 22, 2019
The 2019 Palace Invitational at Lotte New York Palace

Rafa played in the 5th annual Palace Invitational badmington tournament that took place at the Lotte New York Palace hotel on Thursday. He also participated in the event in 2016 & 2017 & 2018.
The Lotte New York Palace hotel website: "As NYC gears up to host late summer’s celebrated US Open Tennis Championships every year, Lotte New York Palace plays host to the ultimate competitive warm-up for the defending champs: the Palace Invitational. The annual face-off takes place on the hotel’s iconic Madison Avenue Courtyard, bringing crowds of fans to watch their favorite players battle it out to become the year’s reigning Badminton champion." :)

From left to right: Sam Querry, NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, Rafael Nadal, Cori 'Coco' Gauff, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Alexander Zverev, Mischa Zverev, Daniil Medvedev:

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Reportedly, Rafa is staying at the Lotte New York Palace hotel.

Liking Nadal's and Mischa's shoes....


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Millman would be a tricky opponent for a first round of a Major.
The Australian will make him work hard to get the victory.




Rafa & Sponsor - Nike

Nike released a great video about Rafa today:

Turn on the English subtitles, so you can read what they are saying.

Nike's description of the video:

¤¤ “Mallorca is home. I plan to be here for the rest of my life,” says Rafa.
On the eastern coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca is the small town of Manacor. It’s a community known for fishing, furniture, and a bustling street market.
But above all else, it’s a town known for tennis.
Tennis legend Rafael Nadal’s career began here, on the red-clay courts sprinkled throughout his hometown of Manacor. And he still calls this place home, training and leading the next generation at the Rafa Nadal Academy.
This is his Birthplace of Dreams. #justdoit ¤¤

Vamos Rafa!


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Bring back the capris?

I like the sleeveless and short shorts. If you got it, show it. It is a unique look for a unique person. Probably only player that can pull it off. I want to say delpo tried it once? Not so good.
Yeah, I really don't see the problem lol. He would need the long hair to pull of the capris again. I like the sleeveless and short shorts just fine :D


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I can't believe we get sleeveless Rafa in 2019 :D #We'ReNotWorthy!!
Since he started playing sleeveless he always got destroyed in slams when he chose that outfit.2x retired and 1 utter humiliation.Not a good sign.

He is making the same mistakes that allows Djokovic(easy USo for him now) to become the Goat of Goats.


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He won 3 USO in t shirts.
If he wins one each of AO and USO and now that he plays both these tournaments sleeveless, he would become the first man to win each slam with sleeves as well as without sleeves. Wouldn't that be epic. Lol he even has an olympic gold each in sleeves and also sleeveless.


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Isn't Khach in Rafa's draw? Is this normal? I feel like you wouldn't want to hit with him if you know you might be playing him. Or maybe it helps?
Yes, Khachanov is in Rafa's quarter of the draw. I don't know how Rafa chooses his hitting partners. He has also practiced with Alexander Zverev and Diego Schwartzman, who both are in his quarter of the draw.


True words. Can't take a single slam for granted. However it is easy enough to imagine Djokovic playing at an elite level for 5 more years if not more. He is a freak of nature.
nope, not really, at least among the ATGs.

Djokovic actually had to sacrifice the most (years w/o eating a single piece of chocolate) and in some ways work the hardest for his results.

Federer and Nadal lived their lives less interrupted than Djokovic had to...