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Rafa will make his debut in Cincy on Wednesday and it will be in the night session

just two players have swept the singles and doubles titles at a Masters 1000.
2008 Monte Carlo: Nadal d. Federer 75 75 Nadal/Robredo d. Bhupathi/Knowles 63 63


Today's raining: Alex Molcan from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and in the evening with his team from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre in Greece
Carlos Moya is visiting the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre located within Sani Resort in Greece. The resort is situated less than one hour's drive from Thessaloniki, a city in Northern Greece. This is Moya's second visit to the RN Tennis Centre in Greece, he made his first visit there in August 2021.

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Carlos Moya was accompanied by his wife (behind him in the picture) and 3 kids at the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre in Greece:

(y) for C.Moya and Rafa’s tennis centre in Greece!


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Cincinnati Masters 1000

August 14, 2022

The tournament practice schedule has been updated: Rafa is scheduled to practice with Alex Molcan from 7:00 - 8:30pm at Stadium 3.
But his practice session from 7:00 - 8:00pm with his team on Court 5 hasn't been deleted from the schedule. He'll probably keep his options open. :)

Vamos Rafa!
wtf, he is insane! He won't last the whole US Open! I am almost certain of that given this information.

He should have rested COMPLETELY until he had no pain whatsoever. Full recovery and then could have used the opening rounds of US Open as warm up!

Now he is going to seriously reinjure himself sooner or later and that would be end of the season for him. Clock is ticking...
I don't think he will last the whole cincy masters either.

He will be withdrawing around quarterfinals as a precaution due to experiencing more pain.


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I’d have to hear it from the horse’s mouth. A lot of things can be lost in translation or misinterpreted, especially with Nadal.

Rafa and his team have always been very grounded and logical making decisions and this piece of information makes no sense at all.
I hunted around looking for a video of the press conference but was frustrated not to find one. I prefer to hear Rafa himself as the way he expresses himself is often misconstrued. Maybe one will show up.


"I need some more days to analyze how things are going in terms of abdominal feeling because ... more than one month without serving, without playing any sets, I need to analyze after every day if the abdominal is still OK with no (bad) feelings because it's as I say, a dangerous thing. Things are going well for the moment so hopefully, I can manage to be ready. I am excited to play tennis again on the tour. I want to enjoy this week in Cincinnati."

This is a quote I found from an IG page. This is more in tune to what Rafa would say.


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I can almost guarantee there is.

It is absolutely illogical to comeback from injury and play while feeling pain from the same injury. Especially when the USO is around the corner.
You’re right. It definitely seemed illogical. This article gives some more clarity to what he said and makes much more sense.

Although he said things are progressing well, Nadal spoke cautiously about his return. “I hope to be ready,” he said.

“Of course, I had a small tear in the abdominal so it’s dangerous. The abdominal is the place that is dangerous because in every serve you put a lot of effort there, so I need to take things a little bit easier and do the highs the proper way.

“That’s what I’m trying to do. Try to be a little more conservative but I hope I can be ready to play.”

Nadal said he started to serve again only last week, initially with just 10 serves in the session and serving softly before very gradually increasing the load.

He played his first set only two days ago and will return at the latest possible time on Wednesday night. “Of course, I need some more days to analyse how things are going in terms of abdominal feeling,” he said.

“Because at the end of the day it’s more than one month without serving and without playing any set. So I need to analyse after every day that the abdominal is still OK with no feeling because, as I said, it’s a dangerous thing.

“But things are going well for the moment, so hopefully I can manage to be ready. I’m excited. I want to play tennis again on the tour. I’m having a good season, I’m enjoying it, so I want to enjoy this week in Cincinnati.”


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