"Nadal piling more RG titles only cements more and more his Clay GOAT status"

My personal thoughts about topic...

If its 20 Nadal and 20 Fed on the end, and if Nadal win for example one more RG, and one more one other slam, no matter which one:
- there wont be overall goat. Fed would have better overall resume (weeks, ye1, wtf, better distribution...), but Nadal would have some cards in sleeve as h2h
- edge would be on Fed, and most tennis fans (dont tell me) and experts would make him slightly better, but there would always be shadow, because 20=20, and slam count matters most/only, and its tie
- Exception: if Nadal wins two slams on lets say AO and W, then its real tie between him and Fed

If its 21 Nadal and 20 Fed on the end, and if Nadal win two or more in RG:
- Nadal will be overall goat, slam count matters most/only, remember?
- When on tv they show slam count it will be written: Nadal 21, Federer 20. And this stands for casual tennis viewers...
- But, among hard core tennis fans, tennis analysts, in general, there would be quite big shadow because of holes in his resume (not only slam distribution, yes that is a little hole to me) we all know which are, and there are ones...

If its 22 Nadal and 20 Fed on the end:
- no doubt who is the greatest...
More or less agree. Allthough fans will still have different FPOAT (favourite player of all time).
I'm glad we have finally come to an agreement on this.
Of course.

Without Nadal Fed would have won 5 FO.
Without Novak he would have won an extra 2 Wimbledon's and at least 1 US open and 1 australian open. Fed didn't win a slsm from wimbledon 2012 to Ao 2017 because of Novak. He won AO 17 18 and Wimb 2017 becsuse Novak was either not playing or in bad shape.
Nadal always had Fed to compete with and later Djokovic also. Djokovic always had the other two. Djokodal have each other and Fed still to compete with to this day. Federer had a nice slam buffer without the other two at full maturity and he still only has a two slam lead - not a good look for him.
Most of Nadal’s RG wins were over Federer who couldn’t even take him to 5 sets.... weak opponent. Same as pigeons Thiem and Wawrinka. Only Djokovic put up a good fight in one year only 2013.

Plus Djokovic himself since 2014 has played how many top opponents in his slam wins? (9/15 slams won in this period) I’d say 2018 W SF Nadal and that’s it.
Federer 2003 - 2007: 12 slams
Federer 2008 - 2012: 5 slams

That is called slowing down no matter which way you put it and the '*******' card doesn't work in the second bracket, 27 - 31 are still great slam winning years for an ATG.
It was partly down to them, but he also lost to other guys such as Berdych, Tsonga. 03-06 Fed woudlve owned them at Wimbledon with his superior stats in all areas.

Also the 2010-2011 USO losses were very unlucky. Overall he did better vs Djokovic than Nadal did in 2011-2012 which tells you something.