Nadal to win Miami 2019

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By "everyone" I meant everyone who has his head screwed right.

Pandering to trolling to look good is a trolling practice for cheap "points" itself.

One can do that, but when it is done most of the time, and mostly this, one has to call it for what it is (boot-polishing with rather obvious reasons).

Your pal ak was the same, as was Rusty before that etc.

My advice: cut it altogether, as that is no way to be nice.

I understand words like “optimism”, “positivity” and “being human” aren’t in your dictionary but try to take note of the fact that for others they might be.

“Advice” from someone who in bitter hatred for tennis players insists several people (including me) are all the same person?

Don't mind Hydro/Rusty.

Noone in his right mind is saying what he claims someone is saying.

It is his usual trolling.

And, yes, clay is easier on the body than HC all other things being equal.


That didn’t take long.

I am waiting for Northern now.


Time for yet another account.

Have you seen the movie Predestination?
Oh you obviously have. Who am I asking? We are the same people.

Lolololol Lololol that's the most f'ed up thing I have ever heard on ttw. So you, me, Northern are all Rusty. This is a great script for a movie. Just love this story. It fits though. We agree on things. We Fed fans. Or we disguise as Fed fans but in reality all we we ever dream of is having sexual relationship with Nadal.
We have the same ttw rival-Tennis_Hands.
That's just a great great story. Thankyou @Tennis_Hands for the laugh. It's the best I have had in quite sometime.
Good to realise nearing the end of 2018 you’ve separated the voices in your head and stumbled onto the idea that Rusty, AK and I [amongst others] are, and were always, different humans.

At what point did you lose the spam between your ears???


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Djokovic is probably best heard court player but didn't win 1 masters.

Nadal is good on hard courts but has only won 3 hard court masters out of 6, one of them only once. He is not healthy enough, mostly never is. Too difficult.


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The fact is that Miami Open will change its venue in 2019 - until this year was tournament held at Tennis Center at Crandon Park, while since the next season will be played at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Crandon Park Tennis Center:

Hard Rock Stadium:

Changing venue Miami Open may or may not benefit Rafa. Courts at Hard Rock Stadium can be made to suit Nadal's more. And then there is a psychic factor - because of the 5 final defeats Nadal at Crandon Park certainly does not recall in good, with the Hard Rock Stadium has no bad memories (as everyone, of course).

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There's no way lol. Coincidence I was just watching Nadal vs Federer at Miami 2017, a gassed Federer still beat Nadal. Miami isn't destined to be part of Nadal's Masters Haul.
Will he even play if?
... by failing earlier ? :unsure:
No he isn’t.
@Hitman you know I like you and support you, but Nadal won’t win Miami 2019.
I seriously doubt Nadal plays the Sunshine Double. He set the pattern last year and if had nothing to do with injury, but the wise strategy to limit HC play. Next year it’ll be the slams, clay and perhaps Toronto.
I was off my prediction by just this much..



the ned prevails when all odds are stacked against him

now that he's not even playing, he is even more likely to win

i say he wins the tournament, and also the wooden spoon and moral titles


Even sensible people as @Hitman fall into temptation of making prediction threads.
There is no worse b1tch, they eventually come back to bite you.
I would never make a prediction thread. They are a high risk investment.
Only @Checkmate could beat the house, and that happens once in a lifetime.