Nadal vs Djokovic Wimbledon 2019 Final


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If Nadal served like he did pre-SF he'd take it in 4. Based on SF form though, Djokovic would be the favorite.
Nadal faced mugs till QF...djokovic was serving better than he was ever doing it in 2019. Nadals best chance was in 2018 when djokovic was struggling physically to counter Nadals baseline onslaught. He missed Set points in 3rd set breaker.


Djokovic would find it tougher to beat Nadal than Federer did. Federer outclassed Nadal with his offensive shot making while Djokovic would need to grind his way to victory..

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With the roof off, I'd give Nadal a 51% chance as it took a really high level Fed to take him out in 2019 and Nadal was playing really well at the end of the match too.