Nadal vs Federer - who will leave the bigger impact on the sport?

You could be right. It has taste of Johnson vs Bird rivalry and then it came Jordan. I even think that I read an article using that comparison.
Again I am giving you a like.

Not because you are right, but because *if* Novak Djokovic was the player you think he is, this would be a great comparison.


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Novak could be compared to Jordan if he goes on an absolute tear, let's see.
If you think, when Djokovic arrived (2011) he went into an absolute tear. Period 2007-2011 is also similar to Jordan as I remember when Bulls could not get the Ring with Jordan for years. However, lets forget about Djokovic; he can be discussed on NKDM thread.
Easily Federer. He changed the way people looked at tennis and even how the sport was played. Although it can be argued that the development in racket technology beats both of them in this department.

Edit: Why isn't there a poll?
Who do you think leaves a greater legacy behind between these two?


Federer wouldn't be where he's today without Nadal.
Nadal wouldn't be where he's today without Federer.

They both took tennis to greater heights. It inspired so many people to take interest in this sport.