Nadal vs Gonzalez


Umm Nadal in straight sets.
Here's my call on it. It depends on who shows up from both players. If Nadal starts hitting shots that land in the service line, giving Feña time to set up, and Feña shows up hot, his going to be watching winners go by him all day. Most of the shots Davi hit today that Nadal was able to get, there's no way he's going to get them coming from Feña's forehand, period. Also Feña has to attack the net after his punishing forehand and force Nadal to pass him. If this is the case I say Feña in 3. On the other hand if Nadal plays good, and his strokes get good depth pinning Feña to the wall, it's going to be very very difficult for Feña to construct points. That way I'd say Nadal in straights. I'm all for Nadal, but I hope Feña wins tomorrow, I think the guy deserves a Masters win. Plus Nadal gets that pressure of the record off him and he goes into the FO with less stuff on his mind.