Nadal vs. Tsonga LIVE


I'm already impressed with Tsonga. He has that effortless power, like Boris Becker.

I'm impressed with his off-speed shots and the net game.

How tall is he?


Morning everyone it's 8-55 here in merry (foggy) old (?) england and this match already looks great so long as tsonga doesn't tighten up!

The English commentators are saying Nadal has had "the look of a champion" here this tournament, but not mentioned the comparatively low-grade opposition he's been chewing up and spitting out! Tsonga looks battle-hardened and has taken the first break! Aware of the patented extra shot Nadal will always make you play he volleys backhand crosscourt for a 2-0 lead!
ESPN 360, tennis channel, I am watching from Shanghai Channel and in San Francisco..... Do a search and look for Shanghai GSports, download SopCast software... you are set


I know Rafa will get into this match. But, its striking how Nadal's ball height doesn't bother Tsonga at all.

Where has this guy been. I know he was injured. He's only played 5 Slams.

His spin and pace variety is something I didn't expect.