So Nadal, aka The Mole, with his extra cheeeeeeeezy capri leggings and l'omosexual sleeveless shirt couldn't outlast a mediocre Fed Express. Better luck at the Froggy Hop.


Maybe Rafe could lobby Martina Jr for one of those goofy one-armed bandit shirts she wore and Lendl for his old French foriegn legion hat. THEN he be stylin!


Hall of Fame
I think it's a look you either love, hate, or get used to. I'm in the final category. I prefer the outfits he and Feli wore in doubles:

But I will say there aren't too many guys on Tour who could carry off the look the way Rafa can. It's a combination of his age and physique that makes it possible. Hopefully Nike won't press the issue with too many other players.

Rafa calls them pirates pants, and says he'll wear them all year. It does distinguish him from the crowd. *lol* Guess he does have that pirate look going.


its bc ur all american. in europe and asia, clothes liek that are more accepted. dressing a little more feminine doesnt instantly make somebody ***.