Nadal's serve


Nadal puts a crazy spin on his serve. Nadal would serve to the ad court, up the middle, and Federer still had to make the return with his backhand. Nadal uses more of a slice serve than a kick serve according to the direction of the bounce.

West Coast Ace

Here are the match stats for Nadal's serve:

1st Serve % 65%
Aces 4
Double Faults 4
Winning % - 1st Serve Pts. 65 of 101 = 64%
Winning % - 2nd Serve Pts. 31 of 55 = 56%
Fastest Match Serve Speed 125 MPH
Average Match Serve Speed 107 MPH

I was pretty impressed with the improvement in his serve since last year's US Open where he was just spinning them in without a lot pace.


There is just way too much action and spin on Nadal's serve for Federer to out right attack all the time. He has the lefty "twist" serve that is just hard to read, by the time you do get a read its too late to attack, just get it back deep.