Nalbandian & Sanguinetti

6-1 first set to Sanguinetti as Nalbi in his first match since wimbledon is playing like crap.

Sansuinetti quallified so he is sharp.


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6-1, 6-2

took less than an hour, 1/10 the time it takes to fly from Buenos Aires to Toronto, what a wasted trip for David


Man; we got robbed, this is an intesting tournament..... Nalbandian's fat arse needs to do some more crunches for that beer belly of his.. grrrrrr

pound cat

Nalbandiian was sick with fever and a headache, and he played as if he just wanted to go back ot the hotel and lie down.

And Sanguinetti played just the way Nalb. hates...mixing it up, lots of slow balls, no chance for Nalb. to get into any rhythm.

Congrats to Sanguinetti for playing a smart match.

First upset of th e tourney.


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Sanguinetti is a tricky player. Remember that marathon match with Paradorn last year at the U.S. Open? Sanguinetti was a heavy underdog at +630. I had a little money on him but I'm still shocked by the result.


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top 3 player lost in first round like that...

apart from top 2 all are showing junk results here and there


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gts072 said:
...Nalbandian is way overrated...
"Overrated" isn't quite the correct word. He's currently rated #3 in the world . . . behind the demigods Federer and Nadal.

Perhaps he is of the same mold as Todd Martin; someone who has utilized limited abilities to maximum results?