Nalbandian was a BEAST when he beat the Big 3 in a row at Madrid 2007. Can anyone achieve this feat again?


The crazy thing is he did at again against Federer and Nadal two weeks later, and in these five matches against Big 3 he lost only one set.

I don't see this feat being done again. Especially that if it happens it won't be with the Big 3 occupying the top 3 positions of the ranking as it was back then.

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he definitely hit his stride there for a stretch. i don't know if any of the newer players quite have the control and racket head awareness that he did when he was on. i do think there's something to the 'learning with lighter rackets' thing that has favored a set of mechanics that help you get good early, but that ultimately limit your top-end potential. a generalization of course but feels like there's something to it.