name of song from Sprint/Nextel commercial?

so yea
my rooomates buggin out tryin to find out the name of it
the commercials the one with the guy
who walks into the copy machine room
and the one guys siting on the copy machine w/ his boom box
and the other 2 workers are "dancing" in front of him.
and fomr the therethe guy whi walked in is liek" where this , this and this?"
so they do the walkie talkie tihng and find out
so they go back to "partying"
yea that commercial from sprint nextel

sorry for long post


Hi Junior,

I could be wrong, but I beleive that the song in question in that commercial was Karma Chameleon by The Culture Club.

Hope that helps,


Isn't it "Push It"? I have no idea who it's by. Hopefully you are not asking with the intent to listen to it recreationally.