Naomi Osaka


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Let's not let all the controversy between Serena and Ramos overshadow her performance. In the first set, she played immense tennis, and I'm sure she would have won regardless of the drama. And, when things got stormy, she kept her cool and served it our well.

This tournament will be the first of many Grand Slams for her, and I'm sure she'll be one of the next big stars of the WTA.


Congratulations, Naomi!

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All I saw was a player choosing on her own to behave controversially and an umpire having to enforce the rules, but yes, fantastic win for Osaka :)


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Who is Naomi's hitting partner cause she handles power so much better than most women. Serena hits as hard as men do and lots of WTA women players have problems with that pace. but Osaka handles it like it is slow ball