Narrow Tennis Shoes

Will Wilson

I have very narrow feet which is really a hassle as the only shoes I can wear currently are New Balance in a B width.

I would like to be able to wear other brands and styles but have never found other shoes narrow enough for my feet.

Can anybody else with this problem tell me what shoes they wear or what the narrowest shoe is that you've found?

Thanks in advance


I'm with you. I haven't found anything that works as well as NB Bs, except for the narrow Barricades from miadidas. Unfortunately, they seem to be no longer available in narrow.


I have narrow feet too. The good news is there are a lot of shoes out there that are narrower than the NB 804 B-width, which I used to wear but find that even those are a bit bulky for me.

My favorite shoes right now are the Prince T22 and Rebel. Most other Prince shoes are too big. The Lotto Raptor Ultra III was narrow, and I'm guessing the IV is narrow as well. The original AdiZero Feathers were narrow but I kept jamming my toes against the front (common problem with Adidas).

Stay away from K-Swiss, Babolat, and New Balance. Those are for wide feet.

I wear aftermarket insoles on top of the factory insoles, which helps give me a tighter fit.


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I have narrow, b width, foot. I wear a size a 11 and have also ran into the problem of shoes not fitting right. My solution has been to simply wear two pairs of socks. This gives you just the extra bit of width needing and some extra cushioning as well. I wear adidas barricade 8s and the feather IIs & IIIs in rotation. As for the toe jamming I've found with the wearing two pairs of socks and truly lacing up tight throughout the entire shoe solves that problem. I also have a pair of nike vapor 9.5 clay shoes that I do the same with and I really liked. Only worn once tho.. Good luck in finding your shoes. Just remember everyone's foot is different a find what works for you


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question my local shoe store got limited tennis shoes, what are some other shoes that can replace tennis shoes? basketball? I guess it needs lateral movements...