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    this was a post I posted about strings for my becker 11 mid. I have gone through bunches of strings and tensions and what I am finding out I think is interesting to me. This was my post:

    By the way, I am a serve and volleyer through and through. I stay back when I can't get in. Having said that, I hit a lot of top spin and hit hard groundies (so say my 4.0 opponants) and I can stay back and grind if I have to, just don't want to at 39. I am getting ready to perhaps start trying to play 4.5 next season as I have been fairly successful at the 4.0 level....depends on how rehab from hip scope goes and how much I can play. I have a pretty big serve but not big as in monster fast...I hit different spins on both of them and come in behind both the same if my game is on. I have 1hbh.

    Today I played with a bed of VS gut at 60lbs (played in)...a hybrid of VS mains 57 with micro sheep crosses at 55, and last but not least a full bed of the micro at 52lbs.

    I enjoyed the full bed of microsheep syngut at 52 the best. Was far more comfortable and I had no problem keeping the ball in. Was getting crazy spin...I think that people may be getting the spin thing wrong but that is another story. Every time I go way down in tension, I get more spin. I know this string is less powerful than the VS for sure and that may be what is helping my control at 52 lbs. The gut at 60 was not as comfortable plain and simple. Sweetspot was smaller and I just did not like the feeling as much. Even the hybrid was a little firm to me compared to the micro at 52 and that was 57/55.

    So here is what I did for next outing, I now have two sticks with full bed of micro at 52 and a hybrid of VS mains and micro sheep crosses all at 54. We'll see but I tell you I think I like lower tensions much better than I thought I would and there is no doubt that they are more comfortable to me. I wonder if I just like that cheap syngut at low tensions more than I think I should.

    Now take it with a grain of salt because I am now doing my own stringing but for serve and volley, I love the lower tensions that I am stringing on my drop weight machine. I do think that the syngut may be helping me with less power...even at those tensions...I was swinging out of my shoes and keeping the ball in and my blocks and slices were fine. I will continue to try to play with the lowest tension that I can control for my game against pace. Believe it or not, when I put down the frame with the full bed of broken in gut (60lbs) and picked up the one with the syngut (52lbs) my shoulder (ai have had a little trouble lately) and arm and everything just calmed right down after a few strokes. I was hitting balls longer with the gut at higher tensions than the syngut at lower tensions and something tells me that comfort is more about tension than softness of string but I could be wrong about that.
    I will post this over on the stringing forum and see what all those stringer cats say.

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