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    Nov 25, 2008
    For those of you juniors who play nationals...what is ranking in your section? I am around 80 in my section, and #1 in my district (I think it's called district). My winning precentage is higher then my loosing precentage. I have never played any nationals, but I really would like to try to play them starting this year. Of course, I have to start playing more sectionals, too. Again, for those of you that do play them, what was the farthest from your home that you travelled to play? I travel around the world a lot (for family vacations), and I'm sure my dad (coach) would approve to go when my ranking gets higher. Have you ever took a plane to just play a national? For those of you with a ranking similar to mine, if you have played a national, have you done good?
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    Play a few more sectionals b4 u bump up to nationals (unless u live in a power house tennis state like Cal, Flor, or Texas.) If u can make it to the semis or finals of a sectional tourny with a fairly big draw then u should b able to compete at nationals. The lowest Iv seen at a national event was a 4.5 and the strongest is, well a 6.0+

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