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Yep, I'm very new to gut. And I haven't found answers to taking care of gut. (Well, there may be, but I'm not a good searcher.)

What post-playing care do I need to take to keep my gut in good playing conditions?

I've heard things like cleaning the gut with dry cloth and waxing or putting oil on the gut. What kind of oil? Are there any other special care that I need to take? Any special substance/material?

Thanks for all replies.


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If you play on soft courts you'll need to wipe off the clay dust after you play. The best stuff to put on the strings is pure grade B lanolin. I got a tub of it at a pharmacy and the tub will last a lifetime. (Other people have used baby oil and other stuff, but I haven't tried it.) You may also want string-savers. I personally don't like the change to the feel of the string bed, but some people do. Also in the Redondo mid there isn't much sawing action due to the dense string pattern.

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For the stringer there is precautions on handeling properly, otherwise, there is not much to do other than not getting it soaking wet.I don't use string savers, although a lot of folks here do, and I don't wax or oil them,(it seems to me that oil will attract more dirt, but that is just my thoughts), just use them, and they last me a good long time, but I never was much of a string breaker, as I hit a realtively flat hit, but a strong baseline hitter.
people here overemphasize on getting gut wet, sure I do not use it in a downpour, but in a light drizzle I have use it plenty of times, (was an exceptionally wet summer this year), and the strings have held up fine, as I usually just sprinkled baby powder in racquet cover, and shook it up to dry the strings when they got wet.The strings will fray rather quick, but will hold up a long long time after they start fraying.They should be very playable until they break as well.
Main thing to do is use them and enjoy the strings, and not worry about them.
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I oil my gut after every play. Just some olive oil.

and I cut the frays with a nail cutter just before the oiling.

and use string savers.


Rubbing paraffin wax after playing is quick and easy. Not sure it makes any difference. Yup, just enjoy them, they are sweeeet.


I'm currently using Prince Natural Gut 16 in my crosses. I pretty much use them as is, nothing special or added, same as I would other strings, aside from not getting them wet. I've not had a problem so far. They do, of course, fray quicker than syn guts or multis, but I don't mind the fray, it doesn't seem to affect my shots and actually shows me where I'm hitting the ball the most.


Hahaha some use olive oil... some use lanolin... some use paraffin wax. All work fine im sure. I use vasoline gel before and after a session of tennis.

I drop a small pack of silicon gel (the kind that comes with electronic equipment) into my racquet bag to help keep moisture away from the gut. Plus, i also try to keep my bag away from extreme temperatures as it's bad for gut.