Natural gut... more economical for non string-breakers who hate tension loss?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by Nanshiki, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Nanshiki

    Nanshiki Hall of Fame

    Jul 4, 2008
    I wonder if natural cut can actually be more economical for people who rarely break strings but find that tension loss really kills their game?

    This is assuming you're stringing yourself and not paying inflated local prices for the strings. And using string savers too, since the price of the string justifies the expense and time required.

    Or would you be better off buying a premium multifilament, or a super-premium multifilament (like Wilson's K-Gut, which costs as much as a cheaper natural gut)?
  2. jim e

    jim e Legend

    Aug 4, 2007
    Very true, I am not a big string breaker, and nat. gut lasts a long time. The string is very playable until it breaks.Once you found the gut you like and the tension , you will hit with it until it does break. Very economical as this, but I use it for its playability, the comfort, and the power.Being economical for a non string breaker is an added bonus.
    Premium multi. like K Gut is for my real wet weather set up, and the resilency does not last all that long.
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  3. TennezSport

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    Jan 18, 2006
    Northern NJ, USA
    Don't break............

    I have always been a believer that NG is the string to use for non string breakers, or anyone that can afford it. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. However, the only area where NG is weak is in severe weather conditions. Not just wet conditions, but very hot, very dry or sudden changing conditions can cause problems with NG.

    So bottom line it comes down to what you can justify and afford, as long as you are happy with the performance. BoL

    Cheers, TennezSport :cool:
  4. Nanshiki

    Nanshiki Hall of Fame

    Jul 4, 2008
    I wonder what sort of string can be used in the crosses as a hybrid to lower the cost but keep the performance that won't end up sawing through the gut. Maybe some sort of soft poly, but with string savers.

    Then again I think I need to try a full setup next since I haven't had a luck with the last hybrid I tried. I need something soft with good ball pocketing...
  5. Azzurri

    Azzurri Legend

    Mar 6, 2006
    Next door to Elisha Cuthbert.
    This is the reason why I use natural gut. I don't break strings and the tension basically lasts for a long, long time. I use Gosen Sheep as a cross (lots of people do).
  6. Keifers

    Keifers Legend

    Jun 20, 2005
    People on these boards have reported very good results hybriding low-cost monofilament synthetics crosses with gut mains. Gosen Sheep and Forten Sweet are often mentioned. I like Gosen JC because it firms the stringbed a tad compared with all-gut (and because of its great playability).

    I'm not a believer in using multi synthetics because of the extra expense -- I just don't think they buy that much more performance.

    No experience with gut mains/poly crosses. (Have never had a mono synthetic cross saw through gut mains.)
  7. tennisfreak15347

    tennisfreak15347 Banned

    Jun 15, 2008
    I'm going to only use natural gut through my tennis season (feb-june) and it will probably lose too much tension from the high heat by the summer. this is very economical for me, especially with the bonus of not having to restring, ontop of superior performance while it lasts. So bottom line is NG is a cheaper alternative, and gives better performance than synthetic gut that I have to re-string once a week for.
  8. EndLy

    EndLy Rookie

    Jun 25, 2008
    i was thinking about getting natural gut for my mains and using something to stiffen the string bed a little and even adding string savers hoping it'll make the strings last longer and help minimize string movement because i hate fixing the position of my strings..(don't like that scratchy sound they make when they rub off one another) what would you guys recommend? or would string savers stiffen it up enough?

    right now i use babolat pro hurricane, used luxBBoriginal before and loved it

    i hit fairly flat , also using a KBT
  9. superstition

    superstition Hall of Fame

    Sep 20, 2006
    If you want stiffer gut then just use a thicker gauge or buy one of the "stiffer" varieties which likely have more synthetic coating. Another option is to use a higher tension. From my experience, 16 gauge VS is much stiffer than 17 gauge (which I definitely prefer). 15 gauge should be even better, although string gauge can vary wildly when it comes to how a string company rates a string versus the actual gauge. So, take a look at the mm measurement.

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