Natural guts vs. polyester string


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I am watching 2024 Italian match between Swiatek and Keys on TC. Jim Courier mentioned that if you're a < 4.5 tennis player, you should NOT be using polyester strings because you will hurt your arm in the long run.

As a rough guideline he might be right, but I don't think all < 4.5 players are the same. For a given skill level (say 4.0), some people are average 4.0s in everything, others are > 4.0 in technique but < 4.0 in footwork/positioning/other factors, or the other way around. If your strokes and technique are great I could see polyester perhaps helping you in getting easier spin.

Djokovic got to elite level with a multifilament string (before he switched strings in 2008), so it's definitely true that you don't need poly strings.

Poly strings are also a spectrum, you can go with softer strings like Head Lynx and Polytour Pro, you don't necessarily need to kill your arm with the super stiff ones even if you want poly.
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That’s a reasonable starting point. But for me there are outliers.

IMO what it comes down to is:

1. Technique
2. Swing speed
3. Frequency of restringing / budget

If a player has sound technique, swings loose and hard enough, and is willing to restring often enough, then they may be a viable candidate for polyester. (Even if they’re a 4.0, for example).

Else, stay away. Far away.