Navratilova has breast cancer



Very sad news... wishing Martina all the best for a complete recovery


Martina will be working for the Tennis Channel at Roland Garros, as scheduled. Apparently she will be getting her treatment in Paris since that is where she lives now (not sure if that is part time or full time).

Good luck Martina (and everyone else out there battling cancer).
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if you are going to get breast cancer, this is the one you want. non invasive. She'll get radiation, and will do fine. And, I'm sure she's learned her lesson about waiting so long for a mammogram.


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What's happening mainly is that people have children at much older ages than they did in prior generations and this greatly increases the prevalence of breast cancer.
I perhaps am commenting totally out of context, but Martina don;t have no kids that I knows of ?? Or duz she ? :):)

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My favourite all-time female player - she was superb in her day.

She's also a heck of a decent human being - best wishes to her.