Navratilova (spoiler)


well it's a result that should have the WTA sighing.. if she had won the sh*t would really have hit the roof.


she could not take the pace of the youngster`s shots. should retire with dignity.


She should take a big hint and walk away from singles right now with her pride fully intact. The only points she won last night were pretty much when Dulko made an unforced error. Martina hit b/h slice after b/h slice because she was either scrambling for position or couldn't hit out on that wing. When she did hit out she went long. She was slow at the net and was out of position or not reading the game for much of the time. She had no weapons to hurt Dulko and was woefully underpowered the entire match. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Martina play years ago, but her claim that she could earn a career in singles is derisory. It was, at the end of the match, another one sided early round WTA victory.
she's so s2pid! why did she enter singles? what's there to prove? i saw a picture of her from her match falling down, those old knees aren't the same anymore martina!!! get real, you ain't gonna make it in singles. stay in doubles, where you belong!!! i thought she entered atp? hmmmm.....