nBlade review...


taught with the demo all day. still went to my vantage when the 3.5 class came out though.

for those of you (myself included) who thought the rok was too "soft" then the nblade is the stick for you. a stiffer stick and with pop that won't kill your arm. not entirely heavy either. for those who want a players stick/frame without the weight this is probably the stick for you. for those that claimed this is wilson's radical i beg to differ.

i have always found the head radical to have an inconsistent sweetspot while this stick is familiar the first time you swing with it. this is not a stick for flat hitters. serves come out nicely on the 6 pts headlight frame. serves something like the ntour (orange womans frame) believe it or nto. good speed can be generated from this stick.

if your a player who serves, strokes and then comes in, this is the stick for you. angles and power volleys are all available from this stick. if your a big spinner who needs to keep it in, also the stick for you. played with the 98 and it is a very manueverable frame at the net.

forehands like... wilson triad 6.0 (the black white, yes i palyed with hit)

backhands like... head liquidmetal prestige

volleys like... wilson pro staff 6.0 95

serves like... head i prestige


Excellent, thanks for the input.

Off the ground, do you find it easy to generate a lot of racket head speed? As in, can you go for your shots without fear of blasting it out?



it's not a complete power nullifer. like i said, if your a flat hitter, this stick won't keep it in.if you have a very loopy swing you will love the pace and spin you will generate with this.


Thanks for the input. If possible, could you compare the nBlade to the nsix-one 95? I've been using the n6.1 for some time now and am in need of a new racquet, and the nBlade sounds pretty nice right now.



i had the nocde 16x19 and the 18x20 and the 90 16x19.

the nblade feels more alive then the 90. you'll feel more feedback, not the muted feel that is the consistent complaint of ncode users.

the 18x20 will be easier to hit out on than the nblade, however the stick feels good. if your going from the 16x19 95 then you'll enjoy better volleys, more placement on your serve and a great experince on your forehand. if you have a flat two handed backhand you might like it.


I have a decent One handed backhand with the nsixone 95. How do you think it will do with the blade?



kicked the ncode 90's butt in slices!

for backhands....one handed....it's a little tougher but more rewarding than the ncode 95.



you'll get a little less pop from the blade compared to the pure drive with alot more work. need more concentration for this stick definitely. if your looking for a step down from a pd look at the ncode surge. it's much better in volleys and in control than the pd imo.

from the 90? the more you concentrate with the ncode 90...the more control you get. the more you concentrate with nblade, the more pop you are rewarded with. that is the basic trade off between the two sticks in my simplest quickest assesment.


ive read several other posts and everyone says the nblade is flexible, very very flexible and not stiff at all


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Just played with my new nBlade for the first time this morning. I switched from nCode 6.1 95. I'm using the oversized BTW. First impression is that it is easier on the arm. It's an ounce lighter and my arm didn't feel nearly as tired as it normally does. I'm 44 years old and have a pretty fast swing, but didn't have any trouble on ground strokes keeping it in. Felt I had much more power with a lot less effort than the 6.1. The only area I didn't feel comfortable yet was at the net...but I'm sure that will come.

So far I think I'm going to like the nBlade. If I have control problems, I do have some room to string it a bit tighter. Strung this first one at 57.
..Are the specs shown here at TW correct?? A swingweight of 340 is pretty damn high. How did it feel around the net - particularly on "reflex" shots. As a sufferer of tennis elbow, I like the "flexible" spec (59, I believe), but I'm concerned that with such a high swingweight, moving the racquet head into postion while at net might be a problem. Your impressions??


I thought our RDC machine was broken when I spec'd this thing. This racquet suffers from a bad combination: no mass + too flexibile = small sweetspot.

...stringbed is less predictable than my crazy uncle from queens.

After 3 hrs hitting with this frame, I was indifferent, i.e., nothing to write home about. Let me put it this way: in 3 years, you'll be able to get it for $30.