NCode 6.1 Tour vs. FXP Prestige MP

Rafa Nadal

can anyone here compare both sticks?
Today ive tested the FXP Prestige MP, and i can say, Serve and Backhands with this Stick are the Bomb!!
I can serve so damn fast with it.
But the Stick feels very damped :(
The Price is very very high, 184€ here.

So has anyone here played with boths?
I have not played with the Ncode tour but I have tried all FXP's hope this will help........

All three Flexpoint Prestiges came strung with Head FXP 17g at mid tension, mid and midplus were 3/8, XL was 1/2

Specs: with original grip and no dampner.

Flexpoint Prestige Mid: 340 grams, 32.25cm balance

Flexpoint Prestige MidPlus: 330 grams, 32.25cm balance

Flexpoint Prestige MP XL: 342 grams, 32.75cm balance

General Comments on all three.

All Flexpoint Prestiges are Made in China

All Flexpoint Prestiges still have liquideMetal and raised ridges on the inside.

All Flexpoint Prestiges still has that cheap light plasticy feeling CAPS, unlike the originals found on classics.

All Flexpoint Prestige Caps narrowed )( at 3/9 around "dimple" area.

All Flexpoint Prestiges have L6 swing ratings, strangely, the XL swings heavier of the three due to higher weight and balance. Maybe because the grip was 1/2 but usually XL's are more head light in general, but in the Flexpoint Prestige XL case it is more head heavy than the mid and midplus by .5 cm.

All Flexpoint Prestiges are very well painted and the white grip feels nice.

I only had two hours to test three racquets and did not play a full set with each, so my review is not fully complete yet.


FP Prestige Mid felt soild but it is still does not have the magice feel of the Prestige mid classics/tours. Swing was very pleasant and much better than the LM prestige mid. It is the closest you can get to the PC600. Of the three Flexpoint Prestiges, I like this one the most on groundies.

FP Prestige MidPlus was better than the LM prestige MP but it felt short from the solid feel of the PT630. Forehands of the PT630 feel as nice as the PC600. There was less jarring then the LM prestige MP. FP prestige MP is closer to PT 630 but with a little added weight and tinkering I think I might be able to make it even more closer. Mind you that my grip set up, string/tension on my PT630 are different than the test/demo models. I really would like to give it more time and match them to exact specs to really give you a much better assesment. But so far the FP prestige Mid Plus looks promissing.

FP prestige MidPlus XL was the sluggish one of the three. Mass concentrated on the throat area ala LM radical tours. In addition, it was the heaviest and the most head heavy of the three. You can really punish the ball but it was too powerfull for my tast. I liked it the least on groundies.


FP prestige Mid again was very soild and crisp but the feel was not there like the Prestige tour mid. OTOH, It was better than LM prestige mid.

FP prestige MidPlus was very nice on volley, better than PT630, there , The MidPlus was very maneuverable at net yet solid and my shots were deep. I like FP presstige MP the most on volleys

FP prestige MidPlus XL was sluggish on volley, even though it had more reach I felt that I needed more effort to get to the ball and put it away. This was my least favorite.


FP prestige Mid was ok on serves but I liked it the least of the three FP prestiges.

FP prestige MidPlus was very nice on serves with lots of kick and stable first serves unlike the LM prestige MidPlus. I would say it is the closest to the PT630 if not better second kick serves.

FP prestige MidPlus XL was the best of the three FP prestiges on first and second serves. I could bounce the ball 5 feet above my opponents head on first and second serves.


I would chose the FP prestige MidPlus. It did not feel tinny and hollow as the LM prestige Midplus which is why they/Head have replaced it in one year. It is the closest to my current racquet the PT630 but I dont think I am ready to give up my groundies for better volleys, although I could use the better second kick serve as well. If I were a serve and volleyer then I would switch. But for now my first serve bombs and my powerfull forehands are my bread and butter so I can not compromise them unless I change my game.


Flexpoint technology is nice and you can feel a little bit of dwell time but you can achieve that by tweaking your string and tension. Overall, I can feel the stiffness on the throat area which still bothers me. It all goes back to where you like the flex? on the head or the throat? and to me, I not only like the flex at the throat but at the handle as well which is not found on the new Flexpoint prestiges. Improvements can be made around the bridge area as well as the handle.