Ncode 95 16x18 - 18x20 ?

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    Jan 4, 2005
    What is the difference besides the string bed pattern. What is the purpose? I have a 16x18 and my brother has the 18x20. I read somewhere that the 18x20 can be strung tighter and the 16x18 bites the ball more due to the open string pattern. We jokingly tease each other on who has the better stick. I just wanted to clear the air with him on this matter? Thanks.
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    May 4, 2005
    spin versus control

    the difference between the string patterns is the same as spin versus control.
    open string pattern gives you more or easyer spin production where dense string pattern gives you more control.

    so its not a question of better but on what you need. you might go for.
    open for claycourts
    dense for hardcourst

    also the strings last longer on a dense frame
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    Can't talk specifically about the wilsons, only generally about patterns.

    Basically for the same string tension, more open patterns provide more power, more spin, less string life. For the same tension denser patterns often feel boardy and lifeless.


    If you string a denser pattern lower, it can provide a larger more consistant sweetspot, with just as much spin, if not more, with just as much power, if not more, with just as much control, and longer string life.

    Basically... it really really depends on your tension you string at!

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    Check out the 'other posts' thread on my userid - there are quite a few detailed descriptions of each racquet.

    I've had the luxury to play with both frames extensively. Strings and tension definitely make a difference. I prefer the 18x20 over the 16x18, especially when it is strung with 18@55. I do like the 16x18, but need to string it with 16@60 to find the control I need, and even then, I find that it still quite powerful and has less consistency across the string bed. Spin on the 16x18 is phenomenal - and when I play a strictly baseline game, I really like this stick. However, at the lower tension, the 18x20 plays more predictably, has a very nice sweet spot, and offers greater variety in stroke mechanics (spin or flat). Being an all-courter, I prefer the consistency and the variety of shots. My partner prefers the 16x18 for it's greater power and spin, but he is strictly a power baseliner. The 18x20 can start to feel 'boardy' with larger gauage string (16) and higher tensions (>58).

    So I'm in complete agreement with Blind.

    Hope this helps!

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