nCode nSix-One 95 vs. K Six One 95


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For those who have tried both
nCode nSix-One 95 and K Six One 95, what do find different?

I could not find the specs for nCode nSix-One 95.
Is it as stiff as K Six One 95? I found this a bit too stiff for me and
I learned tennis using Pro Staff 6.1 (Edberg racquet).

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The K95 was too stiff for you?

Well, I had no trouble using an N6.1. Felt great in my arm. And if I compare it with a K95, I wouldn't necessarily say it's stiffer. I think it just feels a bit stiffer because of the muted feel.
I'm just going to buy a couple of K Six-One 95 or 102 in a few days, the retailer actually told me he can find me a couple of new ones for just $100 each...

But i couldn't find any real price on TWH, just wanted to know if this racquet has become that much cheaper?! Cuz last year i could find it for $189!!