NCSA Recruiting


Anybody out there using this recruiting service? Are you pleased with the service?

Any feedback is appreciated.
My preference is to use your coachs, HS counselors and their contacts and the athlete make the effort to reach out to college coaches on their own. You get to choose the schools you want to see about attending and make your own evaluations. Coaches emails and phone numbers are usually found on their athletic website under administration or contacts.

We interviewed with NCSA. Once. The representative clearly had no tennis background. Seem most interested in talking about DIII opportunities, had this full commitment pitch he wanted us to commit to, then there's a fee. If you don't have any college tennis contacts, are unwilling to go it on your own, really want to play college tennis and need help making contacts and willing to pay their fee. It MIGHT be worth it.

Since we declined to proceed with them after the first interview I'd be interested myself to hear from someone who had a good experience .