Nead some help with electronics technicalities; buying a TV/Computer screen online!?

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    Hey guys,
    I'm just hoping somebody knows about this kind of stuff because i'm quite lost here, even though i'm usually pretty good with electronics.

    I want to buy a small LCD TV that could also serve as a computer screen (or vice-versa, a computer screen that can play television, depends of your point of view).

    The thing is, i won't be receiving fancy HD TV processed by a big terminal/converter or whatever these are called, just regular coaxial cable sticking out of the wall.

    Being Canadian, i shopped on NCIX dot com and they have a section called Desktop TVs. "Bingo!" I thought. But i just can't figure out from the technical specs if they accept good old coaxial cable. I'm interested in 2 particular models so i called them to ask and, despite the really simple question, the guy had quite a hard time figuring it out. In the end, he appeared to be pretty sure that NO, these won't take coaxial cable directly, only Component, HDMI and other popular type of signals.

    He then explained that i could use what he called a "TV Tuner" to convert the coaxial signal. Sounds good! But wait...both of the cheap Samsungs i'm looking at come with a "Built-In TV Tuner". I saw that after my phone call and it's a real hassle to call there so what gives, was the guy wrong?

    Here are the 2 options:
    Please enlighten me, i need to pull the trigger on something FAST, i really must have a TV before Friday morning!

    Oh and another possibility... I found a decent gaming desktop in the local classifieds, which would come with a 23" DELL screen. Would it be possible to watch TV on this screen if i purchase one of the "TV Tuners" sold on NCIX? A friend of mine says the quality is really bad through those gadgets but i somehow doubt he knows anything about that. Do you think i could watch hockey from at least 7-8 feet away and see the puck without problems?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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