Neck flexibility limiting 2HBH


I’ve been working on increasing my shoulder turn on my 2HBH for more power. I’m noticing that the main limitation on my shoulder turn is my neck flexibility. The only way for me to my shoulders beyond 11 o’clock is to take my eyes off the ball for a second to turn my head slightly to the left (I’m righty). I am able to pick up the ball again as it continue to cross into my visual field, but this feeling of “taking my eye off the ball” is slightly uncomfortable.

Is it better just to limit my shoulder turn to 11 o’clock, or allow to my head to turn?

This pic of djokovic shows his insane neck flexibility. I think he never takes his eye off the ball.


tbh I actually don't see the ball on contact, so I don't think I need to keep my eye on the ball for the last quarter second before contact. also in Djokovic's photo his neck doesn't rotate more than 11oclock, but combined with his shoulder also rotating backwards give the impression of a lot of neck rotation