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Discussion in 'Strings' started by ituleb, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Jun 18, 2008
    ill admit it - i am really clueless when it comes to strings. i know it's a very important part of my game and one that i should pay much more attention to, and therefore im trying to learn as much as i can. im looking on advice for strings to try out so i can fine tune my game. i am still deciding on a racket (ive been demoing a bunch through TW) but it looks like it will either be a babolat pure drive cortex, tecnifibre tflash 310, or a prince speedport black...that is unless i find another racket in the next few weeks i fall in love with. they are somewhat similar frames i guess.

    im a 3.5-4.0 player, primarily am a baseline player. i hit flat and hard, and like to counter-punch, though i also love to be aggressive and go for winners. never been much of a net player, but am working more on improving my net game. also trying to add more spin to my game, though i feel most comfortable plowing through the ball and hitting pretty flat. ive had arm issues in the past, and always use a vibration dampener. ive never been much of a string breaker, really.

    i guess im looking for something that is lively and playable, feels good and is easy on the arm. because i dont break strings often i need something that will hold up and not lose its feeling fast. i live in arizona, so im usually playing in hot, dry weather. based on reading around, i think a multifilament would be good, or synthetic gut...i know natural gut is supposed to be the best but im concerned about cost. i like strings that offer some good power, but not too much as the frames i like tend to be a little powerful as well.

    any suggestions?! i am open to anything! also - what are optimal ranges to string at? any and all help for this string noob would be great. thanks.
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    Take it from a guy who struggled with arm issues in the past, a vibe damper only eliminates that pingy noise from the stringbed. It does not prevent impact shock/vibration from being transmitted to your arm, which is the real culprit in TE and shoulder issues. Do yourself a favor and stay away from light (<11.5oz strung) and overly stiff (>67) racquets.

    Strings that I can recommend from experience:
    synguts = PSGD or OG Sheep Micro Super
    multis = Yonex 850 Pro and Bab Xcel
    string at mid recommended tension to begin with, then decide if you want more/less control and adjust accordingly.
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