Need advice: prince o3 hornet and youtek elite


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Played with O3 hornet for 2 years broke racquets now i'm using Youtek Elite. The latter is very stable and I like it but it's not giving me enough power. I like them about but I need a little more power against the heavy hitters. I play with Alu power rough. I like these two racquets specs in the 10oz range and 100sq head size. Any recommendations?
I don't know how hard you hit but ALU Power is for really big hitters. If you didn't already reduce the tension (as they suggest you do to begin with), then definitely do that first. If you're not a string breaker though, I would suggest using a multi instead of a poly.. try Technifibre NRG2 or X-One Biphase. If you don't want to switch to a full bed of multi, then maybe try hybriding it with your ALU Power first. Good luck.