need advice to hit more throught the ball

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  1. benasp

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    Apr 10, 2005
    hi, I have a little trouble with hitting trought the ball consistently. Sometime it seem that i brush up too much and the ball have no pace and barely cross the net. I use a semi-western forehand. I'd like some advice to get this bad habit behind me? thank you

    Is a longer takeback would help ? i think my swing is quite compact.
  2. 5263

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    Mar 31, 2008
    I'm sure you have heard of trying to hit thru 5 ball, right?

    pretend there are 2 ball in front and behind the ball you are hitting. Make your swing such that you would get all five of these imaginary balls.

  3. quicken

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    May 16, 2007
    Chambana, IL
    hit through 3 ~ 5 balls.
    or, you could use the lines on the court to guide your str8 path swing.
  4. Marmaduke

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    Jun 23, 2006
    On the forehand, for a non-angled shot (i.e. straight shot, ball travelling up court parallel to side fence), you need to maximise the time your racket face stays perpendicular to the ball's flight path (or said another way, parallel to the baseline) as it moves forward through the ball strike zone.

    Yes, pretend you are hitting a number of balls in a row when you are visualising this. However, if you try to hit 5 balls in a row like this your shot may become forced and you may lose power.

    Assuming the shot is open stance, we have a problem to solve. You need the racket face to move forward in a straight line perpendicular to the flight path of the ball for as long as possible through the strike zone.

    Problem is that your hand, arm and body are rotating in a circular motion therefore so does your racket.

    I have personally solved this by:

    Keep racket on chest side during the coiling of body/backswing.

    At bottom of downswing of backswing, as body starts to open, loosely point the butt cap at the ball and start pulling the racket toward the ball, buttcap leading. And here's the important bit, keep pulling in this fashion until the ball is on the strings and onward until after the ball has left the strings. Do not let your wrist/hand flip forward until the ball has gone. It almost feels like the racket face gets to the ball later than the buttcap and your hand. You can then finish in windshield wiper or whatever your preference is depending on level of topspin/low to high motion of shot which will vary. Main thing is don't let that wrist flip forward. This technique, for me, seems to square the racket up to the ball's flight path for longer through the strike zone leading to greater power.

    There's lots of discussions on use of the wrist in tennis, you have to find what's correct for you. Suggest you experiment. What works for one doesn't always work for another.

    Oh, one other thing, time your power, loosely wait for the ball to come to you by coiling smoothly (coil body with racket in ready position, leading take back with your right elbow - if right handed - before allowing racket arm to seperate slightly from body coil near end of swing) then drag that butt cap all the way up and through the ball in an explosive fashion when the ball enters your strike zone. Keep dragging the butt till the ball's gone. Almost feels like you're catching it on a lacrosse bat and then chucking/spitting the ball out again.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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