Need Buttcap Logo ... Sticker ... Decal

Kaptain Karl

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I searched like crazy. I didn't find anything *near* this question:

My new PK 7Gs (do) have the PK logo on the buttcap. The problem is, the logo is stamped / embossed on the CLEAR plastic buttcap and nobody can see the thing if I spin my racket for serve.

I called PK. They told me I'm the *first* person to ask for some logo sticker for the buttcap. They were no help.

So ... I don't really care if it's a PK logo or not ... do any of you have suggestions for where I can get ANY buttcap logo sticker I can put on my buttcap? Thanks.

- KK
Hey KK, you might want to try a office supply store like Staples, or Office Max. They sell blank packaging and label stickers in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. I'm sure you'll find something that will work. I would use some rubbing alcohol to clean the area first, then let it dry, then apply your sticker. I would then draw an arrow pointing up or down with a black marker. If you want extra adhesive, buy a small roll of clear packing tape and cut out a circle a bit larger than your label. That tape is very sticky and should do the trick. I hope this helps. Good luck!!


You could cut some of that waterproof duct tape in the shape of an arrow and stick it on there. That should do the trick.


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How about using a paint style permanent marker to trace or fill in the emboss? They come in tips from wide thru very fine & all sorts of opaque colors that would show up on your butt cap (white, silver, yellow, black, blue, etc.). We use them to mark steel at work & they are quite durable.

Kaptain Karl

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You guys have sparked some good ideas. Thanks.

SpinItIn - That would be a GREAT idea ... except the logo which is embossed on the buttcap is about 1/4 the size it ought to be. I'm afraid nobody would know what the crazy thing was....

- KK