Need Help choosing a racquet

I am a high school player, with a skill around 4.0, looking for a new racquet. I currently use a 2016 Pure Aero Team with mid tension strings for control. What I want out of a racquet is something that has plenty of control and precision without sacrificing power, lightweight and maneuverable enough to play doubles (I move up to the net and back to the baseline very often) I have looked at the Wilson PS97 LS and the Babolat Pure Strike, leaning towards the PS but I thought I would be best turning to this community for the best options.
Fellow 4.0 high schooler here. I used to use that racquet, but it cracked. Not before destroying my elbow though. What exactly are you looking for out if a new racquet? What’s insufficient t about your current one? If it’s a weight issue it can easily be remedied.

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If the weight isn’t the issue, you might want to try the Prince Textreme Tour 100P. It has spin, power & control, along with a nice feel. Maybe one from the Prince Beast line?

You will have to demo, but Prince’s been producing real nice rackets.

Otherwise, I would think the transistion would be the easiest if you go with the new Pure Aero, or Pure Drive.
I like prince racquets but unfortunately the local tennis stores don't sell them! They only really sell mostly Babolat and a little Wilson and Head.


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I've found the Head G360 Speed MP to be a nice blend of spin/control and power. It's a bit on the lighter side, too. On a side note, if you have the chance to demo, I would recommend that you give the yonex and prince racquets a try.
Over summer came up with a couple of suggestions for one of the kids I coached to try out. Head Graphene Speed S or Volkl V-Sense 10 would be good places to start. Under 11 oz strung, firm but not too harsh. If you're willing to venture just over the 11oz mark, would definitely suggest a ported Prince frame. I know you're looking to shop local, but with the price TW has on the Warrior 100 or throwback 100 Black, they're definitely worth a demo