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    Aug 2, 2005
    I have been reading through these boards for over a month trying to decide on a machine. I always like to buy something that is a little above what I need so If I really like it then I won't need to upgrade, but money is tight these days so I don't know if I really should this time. Here are my choices and thoughts for each one.

    Low end
    Alpha swing pal - just saw this one, was wondering how could there clamps are are they better then the gammas or silent partner floating clamps.
    Gamma x-2 - I was originally going to go with this one but I hear alot of complaints about there clamps and floating clamps in general. I can't see buying it and upgrading the clamps, then I should just buy a fixed clamp machine, from the get go.
    sp swing - I heard good things about the clamps but based on the price plus shipping I don't think this is an option as I would probably just go for a six point mount fixed clamp machine.

    Higher end
    SP hip hop - I like the mounting system but not sure about the cone lock clamps, espesially when after shipping i could get:
    Alpha pioneer DC plus - this would be the highest I am considering going.

    My main concerns are probably the same as everybody else that ask for help. I don't know how much I will like floating clamps, but don't want to spend the extra 200 for fixed clamps. I think if I get a consensus that the alpha swing pal build is just as good as gamma and hopefully the clamps are better then I would really consider going with this one. My really like the hip hop for the mounting but just can't see it when the alpha pioneer is only 30 bucks more.

    So I guess I'm asking how many of you guys bought a floating clamp system to then quickly upgrade to fixed clamp 6pt mount system. and for those that did do you think it will be worth it in my case.

    Oh yeah I will be starting off just stringing for myself probably 2-4 times a month. but could increase depending on how I like it.

    Lastly can somebody give me a review of the swing pal in comparison to the sp swing and gamma x-2.

    Thanks for all the responses in advance.
  2. Mansewerz

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    I own a SP swing and it's a great machine.

    That said, I want to upgrade to full 6 point mounting and fixed clamps. I contemplated upgrading to teh DC Plus, but then I realized, "Why go up in just the mounting and clamps when I could save a bit more for a crank tensioner"

    Now i'm saving up for a Revo or better.

    I like teh sp clamps, and the mounting is good as well. I would just rather have fixed clamps, 6 point mounting and a crank now.
  3. b0oMeR

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    Aug 10, 2008
    uhh,,,why not the babolat star 5? ;)
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    there are some thread done recently on the gamma x-2 and the klippermate, i do see that this one is not in your list.
    how much are you looking at spending? your choices are vast depending on what you are going to get.
    you can buy floating clamps from alpha for about 25 buck a pieces and they work good, YULitle said so!
    i guess you have to decide what YOU want!

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