Need help for new racquets


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Hi people. Im looking for advice to changing racquets. I bought a pair of Head GSMP but never feel comfortable with their grip for forehands strokes...Before I played with a Blades BLX (Black and Gold) and I love it but I have to sell them because it had vibrations on tip so on serves destroyed my arm, but they was my favs...

I havent too much money to spend on new racquets and in my country the best offers are a Youtek Ig Rad Mp and a Yonex Vcore 95d.

I play at 5.0 level only clay courts, SW forehand, 2HBH, baseliner the most of the time and hit with a lot of spin with both sides ...

I know that the Head is more similar to the Blade but Im afraid to the grip shape, whats do you recommend me? Any advice will be well received

Ps: sorry for my english
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I am a baseliner, as well. I played briefly with both, and I would say I lean towards the Yonex. It, to me, is a better all-around stick. The IG Radical MP is a nice stick, too, with nice feel but I think Yonex tops it in just about all categories.