Need help in getting a new stick.

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by n17, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. n17

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    Hi guys this is my first thread here after been browsing and lurking around for quite a while. Ok, to my point now. I need a new racquet.
    I'm somewhere around 4.0 rating (at least from what my coach told me). I used to play with Prince POG Chang when I was a lot younger then I quitted tennis for some other sports. I came back to tennis about almost a year after getting the LM Prestige MP as a gift from someone. I love the stick, really. Love the control, feel and its heft.
    The thing is I'm sort of a small-built asian type of body. The LMP simply kills me after a set or so. It doesn't compromise for my inconsistency when I feel tired. I then feel it is time I look for something else.
    I've demoed some tweener sticks like the N6 and the PD OS. Love the power they generate but the lack of control and mass are what I miss on my LMP.
    I think I should be looking for something in between those tweeners and true player sticks. I like baseline game but go forward to the net when I can. I use semi-western forehand with moderate spin swing and typical two-hand backhand.
    It's pretty hard to get a racquet demoed in my country so I have to think carefully before I choose what to try. This is why I need your suggestion.
    What I have in mind now is Prince Shark MP, LM Instinct, and N-Tour MP.
    Why do you guys think? :|
  2. n17

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    and apart from those three sticks, what about the Aeropro Drive?
  3. Exile

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    Jan 10, 2005
    Well maybe you should try the instinct, or the LM Radical MP, but a good players racket that won't feel like a baseball bat after a few sets, the H-tour (that old black and orange hammer by wilson).
  4. LionsNC

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    Dec 27, 2004
    I got the shark a couple of months ago and just ordered my 2nd tonight, I think it's a great raquet. I am a high 3.5 playing 4.0 league and the shark is helping me play competive tennis against most the 4.0s at my club.
  5. n17

    n17 Guest

    thanks everyone.

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