Need Help On Racquet Choosing

Hi. I need help on choosing a racquet. Im a 3.5 player, currently using a Wilson 4.3 OS and 5.3 OS. I want another racquet lol. Here is the racquets that I can buy, please tell me which one I should get: Prince Scream MP, Head i Tour MP, Head i Extreme Mid, Wilson HH 5.3, Wilson HH 4.3, Wilson HH 6.3, Wilson Torch OS and Mid, Wilson HH 3.9, Wilson Hammer Ti 3.0, Dunlop Spirit Mid and OS, Dunlop Absorber OS, Fischer GDS Spirit OS, Fischer GDS Rally OS, Fischer Smash OS. There are also used racquets that I can buy, but I dont think I want to...


Well, Im a 3.5 player, play with little topspin, like to slice the ball alot. My biggest weapon is my backhand. Dont have a big serve. Have a good forehand too. Im a counterpuncher, I make my opponents mess up to give me points.