Need help please....



basically i use a k factor tour 90 - and just started to use semi-western grip including backhand, i only play 1 a week for 3 hours,
problem is my knowledge of tennis isnt great here a few points i need help on:

1) friend keeps telling me to get synthetic gut - rather than poly's - but ive been on this forum few a months reading everything and everyone keeps mentioning poly's (not saying their better than synthetic) e.g. tour bite, barb wire, bpm blast, e.g. , but which synthertic are really good for spin, durability, comfort, feel, can you name me a few.. price aint a issue..ive saved upped.

2) someone said in a thread saying that he bought a string but in a different colour than the original and it played completely different.. true/false?

3) another thread said if you lower your tension on your crosses lower than your mains you have a bigger sweet spot - if you have 2 different strings?

4) if so for 3, is it good to lower your crosses even if you have 1 string

5) i know string savers protect your strings from breaking, but do they increase you sweetspot, do they affect how you hot the ball as they sligtly stick out

6) most likely going to get tour bite 16 + Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.18 which tension should you reccomend setting these at, as ive got the fed set up but at 58lbs at both?

7) finally if you lot have a k factor tour 90 which strings do you have at what tension?

and help is much appreciated, thanks :)


I can't answer on strings but plan what you are comfortable with, about the sweetspot, regardless what string, tension you get, its not going to increase by a lot, it gets as big as it gets, you gotta have the right technique, if not even the biggest sweetspot is useless. Don't think about sweetspot too much. Think technique, I use a a hybrid set up. Feels pretty good. Taolson devil spin 125 mains and prince duraflex 16 crosses at 55/56 on my youtek radical pro. It's a poly/syn , natural gut in my country takes about 10% of my paycheck! I'm a student though.


thanks, i understand that technique is the answer but im really talking realistically on my behalf i wont really improve that much due to i play 1 a week with a friend, just play for enjoyment