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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by ennis, Aug 25, 2005.

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    I am a upper 4.0 all court player that has played with the i. prestige MP and now the LM prestige MP. I like them both but for different reasons. I like the stiffness of the i. prestige and the weight and balance of the LM prestige. For me, the i. prestige is better for serves and volleys whereas I love the groundstrokes of the LM prestige (weight and balance are better for hitting topspin on low shots). I have lowered the tension on my LM but this has not made up for the lost stiffness (and power) compared to the i. prestige. So, given the data presented for stiffness and swingweight on the i. and LM prestige you'd think the frames only differed in static weight and balance; however the LM prestige seems to swing lighter and has more flex. It is obvious that I can't trust the numbers as a guide to demos so I was wondering if anyone had ideas for demos that are stiff like the i.prestige but had the weight and balance of the LM prestige. Or, any suggestions on modifying either of these racquets into my "perfect" racquet. I also like the 18X20 string pattern to reduce broken strings and still use softer strings. I have no problem with spin. Any suggestions?
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