Need poll advice - X1 mains/Tornado crosses or Tornado mains/X1 crosses ?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by ClubHoUno, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Looking for advice here.

    I'm about to test X1 17 gauge natural color in my wet weather string setup together with my favorite CoPoly, the Signum Pro Tornado 17L gauge.

    I'm about to purchase 3 Babolat Pure Storm Limited GT racquets, because I need a low powered frame for my Babolat VS NATTY GUT HYBRID (VS TOUCH 16 MAINS - VS TEAM 17 CROSSES). All VS NAT GUT in my Pure Storm Tour GT is too much power, too little spin and just not for me, so thought about getting 3 Pure Storm Limited GT for my all VS natty gut.

    But still need 2 of my Pure Storm Tour GT's setup for use in wet weather/after a rain delay - and for obvoious reasons can't use VS NAT GUT in this setup.

    My favorite multi, Laserfibre Super Natural Gut Prostock can't be bought anywhere and don't want to deal with the horrid Laserfibre online webshop.

    So Babolat Xcel Power was my favorite multi, but I feel I need a bit more spin from my multi, and full CoPoly is not an option for me (have had Tennis elbow problems before I started using VS NATTY GUT).

    I can get a pretty good deal on a dozen packs of Tecnifibre X1 natural color (hate the red coating, it destroys the X1 playing characteristics in my view) - 12 packs of X1 17 gauge Natural color for $120 incl. vat and tax.

    So will probably use X1 in my wet weather setup for the next couple of seasons, since this multi is in my personal MULTI Top 5 and at $10 a bag, it's very reasonable priced.

    I will hybrid the X1 with my current favorite soft spinny CoPoly, the Signum Pro Tornado 17L string.

    But where in this hybrid should I place the X1 ?

    The problem is that I actually prefer VS NAT GUT in the mains and a CoPoly in the crosses, so the obvious choice would just to put the X1 in the mains and the Tornado in the crosses - but will X1 behave like a very elastic VS NAT GUT string, need some advice from X1 users here :D

    All racquet companys says:

    Mains contributes to: Spin & control
    Crosses contributes to: Comfort, feel & power

    Based on that, the obvious choice would be to put the X1 in the crosses, since a multi will contribute to comfort, feel and power just like the cross stings.

    The Tornado Copoly contribute to spin and control, so this should be in the mains, since a CoPoly is a spin and control orientated string, just like the main strings are.

    I've tested a hybrid of Luxilon Alu BB Power and VS Nat gut - where I placed them both ways, and still feel best about the Nat gut in the mains, but the Luxilon in the mains still felt good and according to the racquet manufacturers, nat gut should be placed in the crosses in a Copoly hybrid, since the cross strings contribute to comfort, feel and power.

    But Federer, Djokovic, a lot of Tennis Talk members and myself somehow prefer the nat gut in the mains (though as I say, I still like nat gut in the crosses very much, and don't feel it's waited there, like some other guys in here believe it is)

    The best would be to test it myself, doing a string combo with X1 in the mains and one setup and X1 in the crosses in the other setup - but before I do that, I felt like hearing from other X1 hybrid users in here.

    I believe/my guess is that the guys, who come from a full CoPoly setup will prefer the X1 in the mains, while the guys, who come from a full multi or full synthetic gut setup, will prefer the X1 in the crosses.

    I could be wrong though :)
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    it all depends on what you are looking for.
    The question is, what are you looking for. The stats are put in order of whats best with these combos. Just replavc the MSV which is your co-poly and the WC which is your multi:

    1. Spin, Control, Feel, Power: MSV mains / WC crosses with the mains at lower tension.

    2. Control, Spin, Feel, Power: MSV mains / WC crosses with both at same tension.

    3. Feel, Control, Power, Spin: WC mains / MSV crosses with the mains at higher tension.

    4. Power, Feel, Spin, Control: WC mains / MSV crosses with mains at the same or lower tension.

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